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Calcite powder milling machine SZM

Calcite powder milling machine SZM

Calcite powder Main process

The process uses advanced production technology Raymond grinding machine, featuring high-quality natural calcite, producing high quality products of heavy calcium carbonate, the main process is as follows:

Routing: ore – hammermill – Raymond mill – mixing mill I (surface modifier) – mixing mill II – drying smash – mixing times Cooling – Packaging – test storage.

Calcite powder milling machine mainly include MTW European trapezium mill, Raymond mill and Vertical mill system.

MTW European trapezium mill for Calcite

This series bevel gear milling machine adopts the whole drive, internal thin oil lubrication system, arc air channel number of the latest technology, has reached the international advanced level, a number of independent patent rights.

Major equipment package are the host, separator, blower, Jaw Crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage bin, bag filter, cyclone powder collector, motor and other components.

The series milling machine machine adopt the vertical structure, small footprint, complete and strong. And the host transmission device adopts airtight gear box, transmission smooth. Important parts of the mill are made of high quality steel, so wear a reliable machine, milling machine electrical uses centralized control, advanced and reasonable selection of high degree of automation. Vibrating feeder is small and lightweight, and very easy to adjust and maintain power.

This series of milling machine is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining minerals such as grinding materials processing, can be grinding quartz, feldspar, calcite, talcum, barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, copper, phosphate rock, zircon sand, slag, slag, cement and so on.

Raymond mill for Calcite

Raymond series is currently the world’s more advanced and commonly used in powder processing equipment, the products adopt international advanced technology, combined powder industry status and the national industrial policy, energy policy, environmental policy and other relevant factors designed.

Raymond mill for industrial applications:

Raymond with stable performance, simple process, easy to operate, large capacity, particle size adjustable, etc., which are widely used in calcite, marble, limestone, wollastonite, gypsum, hard kaolin, feldspar, kaolin, barite, bentonite, graphite, tremolite, illite, mica and other non-metallic mineral grinding.

Vertical mill system for Calcite

Shanghai SZM vertical mill system as open systems, is the company with countries such as Germany and Denmark mill technology advantages, combined with the working conditions and the development of the design of a large-scale, industrial milling equipment. The device is particularly suitable for large-scale processing of calcium carbonate crushed, its high degree of automation, low production costs, high efficiency, a product fineness D97 = 200-33μm, stand-alone production capacity according to different models in the 20-80t / h.

Mainly by vertical mill gear, roller and disc, classification device, pressure and lubrication equipment, chassis and base, five major components. Classification device from the drive system, rotor, vanes, meals cone hopper, the outlet (powder exports) composition, are critical components to ensure product quality, with a dynamic, static and dynamic composition and performance rotor variety of structural types. Vertical roller mill with millstones is the use of the relative movement of the material for the material bed crushing roll increased fineness of the material becomes smaller; finely ground material to be brought up by the airflow, by the above separator (classifier) classification in the mill, coarse powder fall into the disc again be crushed; qualified sent by the wind mill to a fine powder bag filters.